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giovedì, agosto 18, 2005

Imagine ...

Imagine a world,
a world then you can do everything you want...

You will can be what every you want,
without aggressive thoughts,
without regrets,
with only the feeling good and the desire of go up,
with the person you like and you love,
if you love for only one evening too.
Together each others!!!

And you can love anyone at the same time, without regrets for anyone.
It would be wonderfull and amazing at the same time.
No sadness, no more for anyone!!!

I love you, I love you all !!!

As you love me, as you love everyone! Thing about this, about love and kindness for everyone you know and you don't konw!!!

Thing about please, it can be the only salvation for this sick planet, city or only for a street!!!

Kiss to everyone!!!