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martedì, agosto 09, 2005

A day in Padova ...

Thoughts, words, phrases, verses misc each others in my mind,
but how they came , they go.. I must be quick to holding them.
If not, they die before they born ...


Cobbled pathway in the street of Padova.
I'm waiting the opening of the Crush Record's shop.
Crush Record

Quiet street.
Only some passer-by now and then or my fault are standing with me
At most some good music in my Pod.

It's hard for me the translatation of all my thoughts (italian thoughts) in english... so, sorry for the errors..

Maybe the owners of shop is coming.... no, he isn't.

A beautifull girl passing by, maybe she's too much beautifull, like unreal.

A Scorpion's song passing by "life is too short" :..-(

A marine passing by, a para-marine ...

People, people that passing by and think what the hell I'm thinking and I'm writing in my block-note ...


Stand-up, I want go where is crawded ...
By the street a woman remember to me that I'm walking in the middle of a street, I salute her like a marine, and she reply me in Italian languages ...

There is more people in front of UniPD (Padova's University), only the average age is over 50... Intelligent people, no faults for they, no more!!!


Life behind a pair of dark glasses,
   it's look like more dark,
   it's look like less disturbing,
   it's look like more unknow,
   it's look like less than less less mysterious ...


Sitting in a bar, next to a very big glass .
in the other side the pathway,
in the other side people that came and gone,
million of mllion life, single person are living thogether, at the same pulse.
Who is quick and who is slow ...

A french girl enter in the bar and ask for the toilette ...


Listening "anymore" by Vasco in Piazzale Boschetti (bus station)...

Sitting at the bus stop ...

Pass, there are only pass here.
Not one came here to stay here, everyone less one stay here for less than 1 hour (max time of waiting for a bus) ...

It's good here because everyone know where to go ,
everyone know exactly where he will be when he'll be down of the bus.
Everyone less one ...

But they have only a relative destination that make them forget about tha absolute destination ...

Strange fashions are caming out and more strange are who follow them ...


Good city is Padova,
The big doctors city (it's said on a popular phrase)
my birth-place ...


There aren't good or bad people n this world.
There are only good or bad experience.
Those experience make you who you are.
Remember this!!!


I accept any correction about my english .... ;-)


Anonymous Anonimo said...

ciao, sono onorata di essere la prima persona a scrivere un commento sul tuo blog... sono sinceramente colpita da ciò che pensi e che scrivi (anche se avrei preferito ci fosse la versione in italiano... più comprensibile per i profani).
i miei complimenti soprattutto per "good feeling" direi forse il pezzo più bello... piace molto anche a me la canzone Wonderfull world ... chissà magari abbiamo altre cose in comune....

12/8/05 15:42  

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